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If you take a picture of Vietnamese noodle soup, is it pho-tography?

no because there’s bún bò Huế, bún riêu, mì vịt tiềm, bánh canh, hủ tiếu & a million more. stop reducing our cultures to sound bites


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Me on dates




Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

This can save lives

i hope none of us never have to, but yeah

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fat babes here’s another creep


ignore and report him for good measure

creep reblogs selfies and gets very aggressive if you ask him to remove your pics from his fap blog

I hate this shit, it disgusts me too no end. Stop using my form of self love and making peace with my body as something to get off too. I do this for me, not you.
It’s like you think that because I’m a fat girl that I want your sexual attention because I can’t get it anywhere else.

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"Bloom": VLISCO’s Spring 2014 Lookbook.

In their latest Spring 2014 lookbook, Vlisco, the Dutch Wax clothing and textile brand with a strong presence in West and Central Africa, reinterprets florals with their appropriately titled ‘Bloom’ collection.


grace bol won the internet. 


PETITION: I stand in solidarity with Nigeria’s LGBT community


As Westerners deplore Russia’s recent anti-gay bill and continue to push Uganda to not enact draconian new anti-gay legislation, Nigeria last month passed a bill which not only outlaws same sex marriage but also criminalizes “shows of same sex affection” and participation and advocacy or even support for LGBT organization and individuals with up to 14 years in jail. Despite this, where is the outrage? I posted about this new law previously on tumblr, but was largely met with silence compared to other pieces I’ve written. Even a short post that simply required a reblog to stand in solidarity with Nigeria’s LGBT community was met with crickets by the tumblr community.

But why? Esteemed gay Nigerian activist, Bisi Alimi (@bisialimi) who was driven into asylum in the UK by a brutal homophobic physical assault in Nigeria several years ago, explores these questions in a recent opinion piece for beige. He shares a painful conversation he had with a gay Nigerian friend of his, which cuts to the heart of this point:

“Why such a loud silence?”…… He looked at me again, with even more desperation in his eyes. “This silence is killing me, it’s killing my friend, it’s killing LGBT people in Nigeria; why is the world silent on Nigeria?”

We, as LGBT Nigerians, are being hurt, killed and publicly humiliated everyday even moreso now with that this bill has passed but where is the outrage? Why does nobody in the international community seem to care?

A video still of a shirtless black Nigerian man with a blurred face

Just recently two “allegedly gay” men were dragged out of their houses by a mob in Port Harcourt and forced to masturbate one another and then have anal sex in front of the crowd as they jeered, screamed and berated them. The entire incident was filmed as well by camera phones and shared widely to publicly shame and humiliate the men even more, and a video still from it is above.

A Nigerian man, judge Nuhu Idris Muhammad, reenacting a whipping in his courthouse

In Northern Nigeria, which is under Muslim Shariah law and where homosexuality is punishable by public stoning, dozens of LGBT activists have been arrested since the passage of the bill. When a judge in the city of Bauchi “only” decided to punish a gay man with a whipping in his courtroom (which he’s pictured reenacting above) the crowd outside the courthouse was “disappointed” hoping that the convicted individual be stoned to death instead. When 7 other allegedly gay men were being arraigned in the Bauchi courthouse, a mob outside hailed stones and glass bottles into the court demanding a speedy trial and execution, and some even wanted to set the entire courthouse ablaze with them inside. 

And yet despite all of this, all we are met with is silence? Why are our lives as LGBT Nigerians worth less than that of LGBT Russians whom the world is justly speaking out for after draconian anti-gay laws were recently passed there? Why, even more paradoxically, is it seemingly just a random “omission” and not necessarily racial because Uganda’s law and LGBT community has received significant support from the international community?

I understand the potential issues of Western LGBT organizations or even gay Nigerians in diaspora like myself speaking over the voices of gay Nigerians in Nigeria themselves. But we’re not. This petition and call to action which I’m linking here and asking you all to help share is coming from the “Solidarity Alliance” in Nigeria. Here is their message in full via

On 14 January, we woke up the shocking news that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had assented to the bill passed the National Assembly prescribing 14 years imprisonment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Since the signing of this law, many people have been arrested in Nigeria. There were more than a dozen arrested and arraigned in Bauchi. There has been mob violence and the Nigerian LGBT community and straight allies are living in fear.

The government of the country are denying many Nigerians our fundamental human rights and criminalizing our relationships, movement and even sustenance.

What can you do to help? Sign the petition in support of our community, spread the word, and join in our Global Day of Action on 7 March.

This is important and lives really are on the line here, despite the silence from the international community. So please SIGN THE PETITION, share and signal boost this post and spread the word about the GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION IN SOLIDARITY WITH NIGERIA’S LGBT COMMUNITY ON MARCH 7

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Forever reminding everyone that the person behind Humans of New York is a racist, sexist piece of shit



How so? Not trying to start anything, or say I don’t believe you. I’m just curious.

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Fashion meets cinema, meets music, meets the city of Dakar in this short film directed by Tom Escarmelle, inspired by Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane’s futuristic collection.

Titled ‘Inner Cruise’, the less than three-minute clip ‘explores the possible interactions between fashion and cinema, light and shadow’, in a poetic and delicate fluidity as local amateur actors Amy and Bintou Sonko make their way through various landscapes and urban settings in this West African capital city.

Music: Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.

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All Africa, All the time.





Hey you remember that one time a black guy’s sister was almost raped but instead of being sympathetic towards him, the country autotuned him because he was so flamboyant.

Or that time a black woman house burned down, but we turned her into a meme?

Remember the time a black guy saved two kidnapped women, and all anyone did was mock the way he spoke


remember that time white people profited off of all of their pain by marketing unauthorized Halloween costumes, songs and T-shirts 

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