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After Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, the opinion departments of Guardian US and the St Louis Post-Dispatch partnered to gather readers’ stories from around the world of being racially profiled by police. Our hope is that this sampling will help spur empathy – and then action, everywhere. 

You can read all 18 stories at Comment is free. Do you have an experience to share? Tell us using the #FergusonVoices hashtag. 


"Beyonce is overrat-"


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20 days, 15 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Ferguson shooting audio recording verified as real

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black lives matter! yesterday in chicago.

photo by lawrence agyei

He’ll sit on my bed but run away from me when I get close. 😓

He’ll sit on my bed but run away from me when I get close. 😓

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People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 

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Ferguson Mayor James Knowles is making no friends at tonight’s Town Hall. Part 2

[part 1]

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