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“Is it unfair to ask Dunham to represent all of womanhood onscreen? Of course it is. But here’s the thing: no one did. We merely asked that she take a step back and question the underlying reason for why Girls looks the way it does.”

What the Girls spat on Twitter tells us about feminism by Bim Adewunmi at The Guardian (October 8th, 2012)

Read the whole thing. Great read for fans of Dunham & Moran or those who are completely fed up with the so-called “faces” of (white, liberal, boring) feminism.

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Thank you. It’s the fact that she and others on her side so vehemently fought against the idea that a white washed New York is an unrealistic portrayal of the city. It’s the fact that she can’t seem to understand why saying that her show is called “Girls” and not “Homegirls” is offensive. That’s why “Girls” is infuriating. Well, there are other things that are aggravating as well.

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